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Take the plunge with SITA Learning System

. Hazaras with SITA learning system say that the poor in language learning youre wrong?

You say youre bad at learning the language youre wrong he is fluent in Polish, that the scale of difficulty is very high he considered more difficult, not only from the Finnish and Hungarian, but even the Japanese? .. .? Chinese hard to believe Just a look at our grammar - ... seven cases, conjugation of verbs is not easy, complicated phraseology addition, much weaker spelling rules even linguists sometimes tend to have problems with the interpretation of certain rules and if
. and deal with such a difficult language, on the other hand should be much easier, however, less than 60% of Poles declare their language skills, and less than 30% of them gained more than the European average, which violates only the Brits -. more than 60% of them feel that their English is sufficient. However, most Europeans believe that learning a second language improves their chances for success, and in the workplace.
are right. Polish salary survey shows that employees who know at least one foreign language, the more value on the labor market. earn almost 30% more than others. Those who speak three languages, they are paid to more than half of their colleagues who knew only Polish. This statistic is a big motivation to improve language knowledge . more to tempt us with all parties, after school, courses and programs to ensure success in this.
traditional teaching methods, however, requires a significant commitment of time and effort. They know about including those who are trying to achieve languages, reaching for the book and go back to school. need to learn the language of strong motivation and favorable conditions. Life is moving meanwhile, forced to do everything faster and more efficiently. Such requirements lead to the accumulation of stress, which is mobilized, but in the long run and frustrated and discouraged
ideally a combination of relaxation with learning, and we know that it is difficult, but intuition tells us well - ..! really that way is the best scientifically proven that checking the conditions in which our brain remembers the most information. Turns that is the case, then, when both brain hemispheres are working synchronously, and we are able to relax, which does not interfere with this process. As a result of the study was a professional set of SITA, the effective use of language learning.
How SITA A revolutionary method consists of two reasons. First, it separates from the use of language memorization of new words and phrases. First, remember, and then learn to use what we have in memory. Second, a shock to everyone, easy to remember for a long time.
SITA device allows us to achieve a condition that occurs physiologically just before falling asleep and waking up. feeling of relaxation caused him to run the full possibilities of the mind. follow the instructions of the President, we are able to effectively memorize foreign words more frequently than before. results achieved thanks to SITA in a week, can be compared with the year of traditional teaching methods! This is a very convincing performance recommendations.
SITA science kit can also be used to store other audio information, such as speech and song. systematically be able to relax in same time, improves concentration and good for general health. the same opportunities as other students were. Tolkien, who knew many languages, also plans to learn Polish. stopped at the end of the effort, given that it is very difficult. likely to give a set SITA carries. already have this step behind.

> take the plunge with SITA Learning System
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